IEA Bioenergy Forum – Thermal gasification of biomass and waste

EU | September 2016 - March 2019

Ea Energy Analyses has been appointed as the Danish country representative for IEA Bioenergy Task 33 – Thermal gasification of Biomass and Waste for the next three-year period.

IEA Bioenergy Task 33 is an international forum for discussing and sharing knowledge on thermal gasification of biomass and waste, where representatives from Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, USA and Denmark participate in biannual meetings.

The objective of the Danish participation is to communicate results from the Danish RD&D projects about thermal gasification of biofuels, as well as collecting knowledge from the activities in other countries and communicating these to the Danish network.

The current three-year period was initiated in Trondheim in May 2016 and the program for 2016-2018 already holds many interesting projects such as:

  • Gasification of waste – construction experiences with waste gasification
  • Pretreatment of fuels for gasification, focusing on biomasses which are less suitable for thermal conversion
  • Biomass gasification for carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)
  • Gasification based hybrid systems where, for example, biomass and solar are combined
  • Hydrogen production via thermal gasification
  • Experiences with biomass gasification
  • By-products from small gasification plants
  • Gas measurement by biomass gasification

The work is jointly financed by EUDP and Ea Energy Analyses. The project is led by consultant and biomass expert at Ea, Morten Tony Hansen, who has previously served as the Danish representative for the task.

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