Increased cross-border cooperation on energy and climate change in the Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Sea region | February 2012 - November 2012

Danish Energy Agency and Danish Nature Agency commissioned Ea Energy Analyses to arrange a one day seminar aimed at enhancing the knowledge and collaboration within the field of energy and climate on the local/municipal level in the Baltic Sea Region. The seminar took place on 10 October, 2012, in Copenhagen

The aim of the project was to strengthen the network of stakeholders in the region so as to further close collaboration between the stakeholders within the fields of energy and climate change adaptation. The recommendations resulting from the discussions at the seminar were presented to the representative of EU Directorate-General for Regional Policy.

Building on existing networks

The project has where relevant buildt on existing networks such as the Union of Baltic Cities and the Covenant of Mayors and existing fora for high level cooperation such as the Baltic Sea Region Energy Co-operation (BASREC) and thereby promote successful experiences with collaboration in the region, and use the synergies created by the broad collaboration already in place.

The project was financed by the EU Directorate-General for Regional Policy.

The Action Plan 2012 for the European Union’s Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) identified 15 areas of priority for the implementation of the EUSBSR. The current project contributes to priority area 5 and 10. Priority area 5 aims to mitigate and adapt to climate change in the Baltic Sea Region while priority area 10 aims to improve the access to and the efficiency and security of the energy markets in the BSR.