Post 2030 Baltic electricity market

Balmorel: Power system model | April 2022 - February 2024

The Baltic Sea region could become a large source for renewable generation, including from offshore wind. While the potential wind resource is favourable, most of the Baltic Sea is far from the large load centres in Central Europe, meaning that to maximize the offshore wind potential sitting in the Baltic Sea, the transmission system will also need significant investments. In this context the Baltic States TSOs aim to co-operate to develop a marine energy network and market.

This study, which is being prepared for Elering, the Estonian TSO, provides insight into the economic performance parameters, impact and perspective of various generation, storage, and transmission projects in the region’s energy system, with an end goal of mapping a viable and economically optimal pathway for a decarbonized electricity system, with adequate security of supply of electricity.

The primary tool used to conduct this work is the power system model Balmorel.

The project runs until February 2024.