The Nordic countries

Completed projects

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we have been working on.


Nordic Clean Energy Progress

The five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – have some of the most ambitious energy and climate policies in the world. Despite this, achieving..

31 December 2019

Co-firing biomass on large coal-fired power plants

Under the framework agreement with the Danish Energy Agency, this project gathered and transfered technical and regulatory experiences with co-combustion of solid biomass with coal in large utilities..

31 January 2019


Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives

Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives (BENTE) is a research collaboration between the leading research institutions from the Baltic countries, the Nordic research team and the Nordic Energy Research. The..

31 May 2018

Energy plan for Nuuk

Today, Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is supplied with electricity from the hydropower plant in Buksefjorden, which is located 56 km southeast of the city. The hydropower plant..

31 August 2018

Mobility as a Service and Greener Transportation Systems

The Nordic countries are committed to reducing CO2 and local emissions, and to creating a greener transport system. Emerging digitalised mobility solutions, such as multimodal Mobility as a Service..

31 October 2018

Analysis of surplus production in Ilulissat

Since the inauguration of the hydro power plant Paakitsoq at Ilulissat in 2012, it has become apparent that the potential for production from the plant is higher than..

31 January 2018

How can the Faroe Islands power system become 100% supplied by renewables?

On behalf of the Faroese power company SEV, the project undertook a number of analyses of the Faroese electricity system. The project outlined economic paths for reaching a..

1 January 2018


Regional Electricity Market Design

Do current electricity market designs ensure a sufficient electricity supply at all times? This topic is currently the subject of intense debate across Europe, and several major countries..

30 June 2016

Energy Efficiency Directive implementation in the Nordic countries

Article 8 of the of the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) concerns energy audits and energy management systems. Ea Energy Analyses assisted Elkjøp Nordic in mapping the regulatory framework and supporting mechanism..

28 February 2016

Electricity price forecast for Skellefteå Kraft

Using the electricity market model Balmorel, Ea Energy Analyses assisted Skellefteå Kraft (Swedish power company) with a long-term forecast of spot market prices and capture prices for selected..

30 November 2016


Economic and climate effects of increased integration of the Nordic and German electricity systems

Ea Energy Analyses, in collaboration with DTU Management Engineering Systems Analysis division, participated in the joint project of Agora Energiewende and Global Utmaning concerning the integration of Nordic..

30 June 2015

Early shutdown of the nuclear power plant Ringhals

Vattenfall has decided to close Ringhals unit 1 and 2 earlier than previous planned by 2025. Instead, the shutdown of 1.5GW capacity is expected to occur between 2018..

31 May 2015

The role of Nordic municipalities and regions in the green transition

The conference on “The role of Nordic municipalities and regions in the green transition” took place the 10-11 November in Copenhagen. The aim was to showcase the possibilities..

31 December 2015


Green value of biogas

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out an investigation of future willingness-to-pay (WTP) for biomethane certificates in Denmark. The investigation is based on a general analysis of voluntary willingness..

31 August 2013


Nordic energy technology perspectives 2012

Ea Energy Analyses has assisted IEA and Nordic Energy Research in preparing the publication, ”Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2012”. The Nordic energy systems are facing a number of..

30 November 2012

Common issues and measures that can improve the Nordic electricity market

On behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Electricity Market Group, Ea Energy Analyses, in collaboration with Hagman Energy AB, has conducted an assessment of common issues and..

31 May 2012


Scenarios for energy consumption in the Norwegian transport sector

On behalf of Norsk Petroleumsinstitutt, Ea Energy Analyses has carried out an analysis of the possible development of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the Norwegian transport sector..

31 October 2011

CO2 emissions from future passenger vehicles in the Nordic countries

In January 2011 Ea Energy Analyses completed a project on CO2 emissions from passenger vehicles carried out for the Danish Petroleum Association and Norsk Petroleumsinstitutt. The analyses mainly focused..

1 January 2011


Paths to a fossil free energy supply

An analysis performed by Ea Energy Analyses for DONG Energy and Vestas Wind Systems shows how the development of the energy supply in Denmark and the neighbouring regions..

30 September 2010


Nordvind - coordination of wind power expansion in the Nordic countries

Nordvind is a project under the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Working Group for Renewable Energy. The Nordvind working group comprises representatives of the authorities in Sweden, Norway, Finland..

31 December 2008


Secretariat to the Nordic Task Force for Renewable Energy (2006-2007)

In 2006 and 2007, Ea Energy Analyses was the secretariat to the Nordic Task Force for Renewable Energy. The aim of this Task Force for the Nordic Council..

31 December 2007

Nordic showcase for renewable energy

Ea Energy Analyses was the secretariat for a project aiming to establish a showcase for renewable energy in the Nordic countries. The Nordic renewable energy showcase is a project under the..

31 December 2007


Steps for improved congestion management and cost allocation for transit

The report presents a number of quantitative analyses focusing on economic gains and losses from electricity trade together with results of two interview rounds with stakeholders from the..

31 December 2006