Nordic showcase for renewable energy

Location | January 2007 - December 2007

Ea Energy Analyses was the secretariat for a project aiming to establish a showcase for renewable energy in the Nordic countries. The Nordic renewable energy showcase is a project under the Task Force for renewable energy under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nordic core strengths within renewable energy

Joint Nordic communications efforts may contribute to expand renewable energy through extensive documentation of various Nordic solutions. This is a way to disseminate knowledge of Nordic core strengths to the benefit of international stakeholders committed to finding sustainable solutions to our energy and climate problems. At the same time, this will ensure Nordic industry an additional platform for expansion in a globalised world in which energy problems are demanding more and more attention.

Knowledge bank of experience

A Nordic renewable energy showcase will enable joint Nordic marketing of the knowledge bank of experience in technology mix, institutional structures, tradition of mutually binding cooperation and policies, which exists in the Nordic countries and which makes the Nordic countries a frontrunner in the field of renewable energy.

Memo for the showcase

The memo for the establishing of the showcase was submitted to the Task Force for renewable energy by the end of October 2007, and resluted in the Nordic Energy Solutions showcase.