Analysis of the Southern Swedish electricity grid

Balmorel: Power system model | December 2020 - June 2021

Ea Energy Analyses has mapped the challenges in the Southern Swedish electricity grid as they appear today, along with the development that has taken place in the last 10 years with the decommissioning and establishment of new power plants, and the development in peak demand.

An analysis was made of the expected development in the electricity market in Southern Sweden up to 2030, using the electricity market model Balmorel and publicly available scenario analyses from SvK and ENTSO-E. Among the important model results were capacity development of different types of power plants and power prices.

Against this background, the economics of various power plants (thermal and RE generators) was explored.

Finally, the opportunities to improve the security of supply and the conditions for production facilities in southern Sweden was discussed, covering both possibilities for capacity payment (e.g. strategic reserve) and system services (voltage control, inertia etc.).

The project was carried out for Energiforsk (Swedish energy research institute), with support from Region Skåne (the southernmost county of Sweden).