Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016

Strategic energy planning, CO2 accounts and climate and sustainability plans | September 2014 - June 2016

Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 (NETP2016) was a research collaboration between the international energy agency IEA, seven leading research institutions from the Nordic countries and Nordic Energy Research. Together with DTU Management Engineering, Ea Energy Analyses represented the Danish Team.

NETP2016 provided an in-depth scenario analysis of issues critical in realising a decarbonised Nordic energy system by 2050. The scenarios showed a reduction of energy-related CO2-emission of 85% (compared to 1990) in the Nordic countries, while minimising the total system cost. The analyses also showed a significant potential for exporting power from the Nordic countries to surrounding countries, while using the hydro power resources in Norway and Sweden for balancing the power system.

Together with DTU Management Engineering, Ea Energy Analyses contributed to a detailed analysis of how increasing amounts of variable renewable energy from wind and solar power could be integrated in the energy system.

The project builds on the first edition of the project, which was finalised in 2013, presenting technology pathways towards a carbon-neutral Nordic energy system in 2050.

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