Nordic energy technology perspectives 2012

Location | October 2011 - November 2012

Ea Energy Analyses has assisted IEA and Nordic Energy Research in preparing the publication, ”Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2012”. The Nordic energy systems are facing a number of challenges and prioritizations towards 2050 in relation to future development tracks. One of the main challenges is a transition of the system to containing a much larger share of renewable energy.

A future carbon neutral Nordic energy production

The analysis calls for a complete decarbonisation of Nordic electricity generation, with an increase in wind’s share from 3% today to 25% in 2050. Improvements in grid infrastructure will be important in facilitating this, and with the right pricing in place, the Nordic region could achieve annual electricity exports of 50 to 100 TWh over the longer term. Existing Nordic hydropower resources can play an increasingly important role in regulating the North European power system.

The aim of the energy perspectives

The aim of the Energy Perspectives is to shed light on a future with a carbon neutral Nordic energy production and to identify and communicate possible development tracks. The Nordic decision makers were lacking broadly founded guidelines to guide the development of the Nordic energy systems towards 2050. The lack of common guidelines and references made it difficult to identify the optimal development tracks for the energy systems in the region.

Ea Energy Analyses together with the Technical University of Denmark’s climate center constituted the Danish working group in Nordic ETP. The publication is published in co-operation with IEA and the Nordic Council of Ministers.