Other models: Sisyfos and Stream

The SisyfosR model

In cooperation with the Danish Energy Agency, Ea Energy Analyses developed a new version of the model Sisyfos, called SisyfosR, which calculates about a 100 times faster than the previous model. SisyfosR calculates security of supply using stochastic analysis, to find the frequency of situations where the demand of electricity cannot be met.

The starting point is that power plants and transmission connections have a certain risk of outtage. The model calculates the probability of situations where not all electricity demand can be served (ENS). The probability of outage at power plants as well as transmission connections is used to calculate ENS by running a huge number of random cases, e.g. 5-10 million. Thereby, even rare situations can be described. SisyfosR delivers the results with no regards to economics or optimal dispatch. It is a stochastic analysis, and it is a powerful model for calculating security of supply.


The STREAM modelling tool

The STREAM modelling tool provides a quick insight into the different potential energy mixes for defined regions or countries. The model allows planners, politicians, students and others to be able to create scenarios on demand. This modelling tool was originally developed for a project titled the ”The future Danish energy system”, carried out from 2004-2007.

Completed projects

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we have been working on.


Data centres and the need for renewable energy

A number of data centres are planned or are under construction in Denmark, and the Danish Energy Agency expects them to have an electricity usage corresponding to about..

30 April 2019

Further development of SisyfosR

The Danish Energy Agency has developed the Sisyfos tool for analysing the security of electricity supply in Denmark. Sisyfos simulates a high number of scenarios for the power..

31 December 2019


Analysis of electricity supply in East Denmark

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses examined how the security of electricity supply in East Denmark can be expected to develop towards 2030. The analyses were carried out..

31 May 2018


System adequacy in South Africa with increasing levels of renewable energy

Ea Energy Analyses, along with EOH Enerweb, DTU and Energinet, was involved in a project titled “Strategy about System Adequacy and Reserve Margin with Increasing Levels of Variable..

31 July 2016


System adequacy in Lithuania

Ea Energy Analysis has carried out a system adequacy and reliability study for the Lithuanian National Control Commission for Prices and Energy (NCCPE / VKEKK) in association with..

30 April 2014


Estonian long-term energy scenarios 2030 and 2050

Ea Energy Analyses has been assisting Elering – the Estonian system operator – to identify and provide quantified analysis of long-term energy scenarios for Estonia in the context..

31 August 2013


Scenarios for the Danish energy system in 2020 and 2050

he project describes which technologies and technology mix may be used in the Danish energy system (including the transport sector) to reach the future greenhouse gas reduction targets..

1 February 2009

Future european energy systems

The Danish Board of Technology, in cooperation with Risø DTU and Ea Energy Analyses, has completed a project on future European energy systems for the European Parliament. The project..

1 April 2009


The future Danish energy system

In 2003, the Danish Board of Technology initiated two energy projects: “Energy as Growth Area” and “When the Cheap Oil Runs Out”. The results of both of these..

30 September 2007