Further development of SisyfosR

Denmark | May 2018 - December 2019

The Danish Energy Agency has developed the Sisyfos tool for analysing the security of electricity supply in Denmark. Sisyfos simulates a high number of scenarios for the power generation capacity and transmission network capacity to assess the risk of power shortages. The model takes into account variation in electricity consumption, wind and solar production. Also, Sisyfos simulates the outages of power plants and transmission lines. The SisyfosR model has been used to assess power supply security in Lithuania, South Africa and Denmark.

Development of tool and ongoing support

Ea Energy Analyses has collaborated with the Danish Energy Agency to share and further develop Sisyfos. This included a rewriting of the model from Visual Basic to R, which has greatly improved the runtime of the model. In addition, Ea Energy Analyses assists the Danish Energy Agency with support in connection with the use of the model.

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