Scenario analysis and roadmaps

Scenario analyses of the future energy systems provide a useful tool for identifying policy measures and actions that are required to transform our energy systems in a sustainable direction. Scenario analyses can give an overview of the different possible actions to reach a set goal while also analysing the effect of policy instruments. Instead of only focusing on a single technology or instrument, a scenario gives an insight into the correlation between different instruments and offers a holistic approach to understanding the possible development to reach a set goal.

Ea Energy Analyses has extensive experience in developing scenario analyses on many different levels, from the EU level to scenarios for a single municipality. We have for instance prepared analyses for the Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy, the European Parliament, the Baltic Development Forum and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Completed projects

The list of projects below illustrates the types of projects we have been working on.


Roadmap: Phasing out natural gas for indoor heating

In the spring of 2019, Energifonden started the project “Phasing out natural gas for indoor heating”. The Danish Parliament jointly agreed on an energy agreement in June 2018,..

24 April 2020

Roadmap for electrification in Denmark

Electrification is increasingly seen as a crucial prerequisite for achieving the Danish climate ambitions of at least 55% renewable energy in 2030 and independence of fossil fuels in..

29 February 2020



The GRIDSOL project aims to provide secure, clean and efficient electricity by combining primary renewable energy sources and technologies under an advanced control system. GRIDSOL will allow increasing..

30 November 2019

The role of natural gas towards 2050

In this project Ea Energy Analyses undertook an analysis of the role that natural gas historically has played in the Danish and European energy systems on behalf of..

30 June 2019

Offshore wind in the Baltic Sea

In a recent report for the European Commission Ea Energy Analyses has investigated the potential for offshore wind in the Baltic Sea together with COWI and Thema Consulting..

30 June 2019

Energy scenarios for Vietnam

The use of electricity is increasing rapidly in Vietnam – and the supply is today primarily based on coal. In a number of projects, energy scenarios for Vietnam..

30 September 2019

Regional energy modelling in Lombok

As part of the engagement between Denmark and Indonesia under the Strategic Sector Cooperation, the Danish Energy Agency and the National Energy Council chose Lombok as a pilot..

31 January 2019

Plan for district heating in Aarhus (KlimaVarmePlan 2020)

Aarhus Municipality actively works to reduce the carbon footprint of the city. The target is to become carbon neutral already by 2030, and towards 2050 the energy system..

30 June 2019

Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Denmark towards 2030

Ea Energy Analyses has analysed a number of measures to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Denmark by 2030 as a part of the technical background material for..

30 September 2019

Regional Energy Modelling in four Indonesian Provinces

Ea Energy Analyses has developed three Energy Outlook reports covering the Indonesian provinces of North Sulawesi, Gorontalo, South Kalimantan and Riau. Each province is found to have a large potential..

31 December 2019

Indonesia province screening

The Danish government cooperates with Indonesia on energy planning, renewables integration and energy efficiency, in order to assist Indonesia in moving towards a more sustainable future energy system...

31 January 2019


Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives

Baltic Energy Technology Perspectives (BENTE) is a research collaboration between the leading research institutions from the Baltic countries, the Nordic research team and the Nordic Energy Research. The..

31 May 2018

Consolidation of Balmorel modelling in Indonesia

Indonesia and Denmark are cooperating through an Environmental Support Programme (ESP), where the third phase ran from 2013 to 2017. The overarching objective of ESP3 is to support..

31 January 2018

Demonstration of the dynamic energy system

The vision of ProjectZero is to make the Sønderborg area CO2 neutral in 2029 at the latest, with a milestone of reducing the emissions of CO2 by 75% in 2025...

30 November 2018

Gas scenarios 2018

The natural gas usage in Denmark has been declining in the past 15 years, and it is considered likely that the decline will continue. In this project, Ea..

30 September 2018

How can the Faroe Islands power system become 100% supplied by renewables?

On behalf of the Faroese power company SEV, the project undertook a number of analyses of the Faroese electricity system. The project outlined economic paths for reaching a..

1 January 2018


Balmorel model implementation in Vietnam

Ea Energy Analyses is continuing its involvement in an initiative on planning of renewable energy integration in the Vietnamese electricity sector within the cooperation framework between Vietnam and..

30 April 2017


Renewable energy scenarios in Mexico

Mexico has ambitious goals in terms of expansion of clean energy within the electricity sector and reducing national CO2 emissions. The objective of this project was to strengthen the..

31 August 2016


Scenarios for Green Transport

Denmark has a long-term goal to be independent of fossil fuels by 2050. This has consequences for the transport sector, which is primarily based on oil. At the..

30 November 2015

Scenario analyses and energy balance for Høje-Taastrup

In January 2014, the municipality of Høje-Taastrup initiated the project “Høje-Taastrup Going Green” with financial support from the Danish Energy Agency for strategic energy planning. The aim of..

31 December 2015


Transport: Energy consumption and CO2 emission towards 2035

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted an analysis on behalf of the Danish Oil Industry Association, concerning future fuel consumption and CO2 emissions within the transportation sector. Scenarios towards 2035..

31 March 2014