The future energy production at Aarhus ReWater

Denmark | March 2022 - September 2022

Historically, the wastewater treatment in Aarhus has taken place on a number of smaller plants, but to optimise the wastewater structure in the Aarhus area, it has been decided to consolidate the wastewater treatment operation into two large-scale and efficient plants in Egaa and Marselisborg.

The existing Marselisborg Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) has proven to be too small to meet future demands and the current location does not allow the necessary expansion. Therefore, it has been decided to build a new and bigger wastewater treatment plant, Aarhus ReWater. This new wastewater treatment plant will be located nearby the current Marselisborg WWTP

Aarhus Vand contacted Ea Energy Analyses to get input for the design process for the energy part of the WWTP. They wanted an analysis of the options for future energy production of the plant and the interaction with the surrounding energy system.

The analysis was divided into four work packages: 

  • Energy system and market overview 
  • Screening of technical options and scenarios for energy production 
  • Technical and economic assessment of scenarios 
  • Conclusions and recommendations for further work 

The project ran from March to September 2022.