Scenario analysis and roadmaps | September 2016 - November 2019

The GRIDSOL project aims to provide secure, clean and efficient electricity by combining primary renewable energy sources and technologies under an advanced control system. GRIDSOL will allow increasing clean power (renewable energy sources, RES) installed in the system, reducing the dependency on fossil fuel backup, without compromising grid stability and security of supply in an efficient manner. The project aims to change the approach through Smart Renewable Hubs, where a core of synchronous generators (CSP and biogas combined cycle HYSOL) is integrated with PV under a dynamic control system (DOME). The hubs will meet the requirements imposed by TSOs (Transmission System Operator) to be considered as a dispatchable, firm and fully flexible power plant, and will substitute the current role of fossil fuel backup systems while increasing RES power generation.  The project will research an advanced control system (DOME) to ensure operation efficiency and grid stability with higher RES penetration, and a multi-tower concept for CSP cost reduction and efficiency improvement, to provide secure, clean and efficient electricity by getting the most of each renewable primary source.

Ea Energy Analyses contributed to work package 7 of the project and analysed the impact of the results through a non-marginal analysis of GRIDSOL integration in EU power systems. The analyses were carried out using the Balmorel optimisation model applying a time resolution down to the one-hour time level. Existing plant categories and planned new capacities in the overall system were included in the analyses, reflecting planned development of production capacity, grid capacity, grid extensions and system flexibility. GRIDSOL potentials were estimated based on different assumptions on selected parameters and system developments. Consequences of different framework conditions reflecting selected policy aims, e.g. for CO2 emission reduction targets and CO2 emission reduction costs, were analysed. The potential for GRIDSOL solutions of given flexibility were analysed for selected locations.

Read more about GRIDSOL on their website and download the report “Power System Impact and GRIDSOL potential” by following the link on the right.