Biogas analysis for Greenpeace

Denmark | November 2021 - July 2022

Greenpeace Nordic has a goal of getting a marked reduction in the number of cattle and pigs in the agricultural industry. Therefore, they asked Ea Energy Analyses to investigate the consequences and perspectives for the Danish biogas production, if livestock production is cut in half.

Some of the Danish biogas plants are adding increasing amounts of hay to the plants. The assessment is that hay can take up 8% or more of the biomass input in future plants. Two scenarios for the Danish biogas production towards 2030 has therefore been developed: A scenario based on livestock and a scenario based on hay. In both scenarios the target of the Climate Projection of having 50 PJ in 2030 is met.

The analysis shows that it is very likely that 50 PJ biogas can be produced in Denmark in 2030 when cutting the livestock production in half. It will demand a considerate focus on the change in the basis of the biomass, when new plants are established. To have a sustainable biogas production it is important that especially the use of hay as biomass input is increased, to ensure biomass usable as fodder is not being used.

The project ran from November 2021 to July 2022. The report was published in January 2023 and can be found on this page. Greenpeace sent out a press release about the report, which can be found here.