Hybrid-diesel battery systems in Maniitsoq and Uummannaq

Arctic Region | November 2020 - May 2021

For the Greenlandic supply company Nukissiorfiit, Ea Energy Analyses has investigated whether there is an economic advantage in integrating large batteries in Maniitsoq and Uummannaq to replace parts of the diesel production capacity.

In the analysis four scenarios were used to assess the battery system with and without considering RE

  • BaU: Reference scenario with just diesel generators and the current solar panel capacity
  • Battery system: Saving on diesel capacity and adding a battery system. Investigates the value of the battery system without RE-considerations
  • Expanded RE: The reference scenario with integration of considerable amounts of RE. Investigates the value of RE
  • Expanded RE + battery system: Expanded RE, saving on diesel generator capacity, and addition of battery system. Investigates the value of the battery system with RE-considerations

The RE-capacity (solar and wind) was not optimised in the analysis but kept at the same level in the two expanded scenarios in order to only investigate the value of the battery system. In the scenarios where a battery system is added, it was assumed that there can be reductions on the diesel production capacity, as the battery system will contribute to the security of supply.

The result of the analysis was that a battery system will have a small economic value in Maniitsoq at this time, if it is integrated into the current electricity system, whereas in Uummannaq – along with constructing a new electricity plant – it will only have an economic value if at the same time large amounts of RE are expected in the future.

In both towns the battery systems will have the greatest attraction when large amounts of RE are integrated.

The project ran from November 2020 to May 2021.