Pit thermal energy storage in Roskilde

Balmorel: Power system model | June 2020 - December 2020

In this project Ea Energy Analyses participates in a pre-feasibility study on whether investing in a pit thermal energy storage (PTES) in Roskilde will be financially attractive. The district heating network in Roskilde is connected to the joint district heating network in the Greater Copenhagen area via VEKS, and the interaction with the joint system is analysed as part of the project in the energy systems model Balmorel. In parallel with the system analyses, Rambøll is carrying out analyses of the technical and economic consequences of different options for connecting the PTES to the district heating grid in Roskilde.

Ea Energy Analyses examines the reduction of system costs and the size for the potential PTES in Roskilde. The analyses are carried out for the years 2025-2040. The work includes setting up scenarios and key assumptions, load dispatch calculations, analysis of storage capacity and volume, analysis of reduction of system costs, and division of the benefit of the storage to the different stakeholders in the system.

The pre-feasibility study is carried out under the auspices of the regional energy project Energi på Tværs, where a separate purpose is for the PTES project to contribute with knowledge and inspiration to establish other thermal storages in the Greater Copenhagen area.

The project runs from June to December 2020.