Guide to analysis of system changes and scenario analyses

Denmark | October 2012 - September 2013

Ea Energy Analyses assisted the Danish Energy Agency in preparing the “Guide to analysis of system changes and scenario analyses”. The guide is part of the Danish Energy Agency’s preparation of strategic energy planning in the municipalities and builds on “The guide in mapping methods and data capture” published in March 2012.

The guide will support the work of the municipalities

Strategic energy planning is the foundation for energy planning in the municipalities. Further, it provides information to the citizens about the priorities and initiatives initiated by the municipality in the energy sector.

In addition to the socio-economic consequences it is relevant for municipalities to elucidate project and end-user economy, implications for the energy and CO2 account in the municipality, RE share and effect on employment including encouragement of local green growth. Strategic energy planning is optional for municipalities and the target group for the guide is municipalities that want to work with strategic energy planning.

Focus at process, options and scenario analyses

The guide focuses on the process in strategic energy planning after mapping and data collection. This includes analyse of energy balance, discussion of main issues and priorities, involvement of stakeholders, investigation of possibilities for cooperation and coordination between municipalities.

In addition, the guide focuses on the methodological aspects linked to analyses of options and setting op energy scenarios, including setting up conditions for the strategic energy plan, analysis of alternative scenarios and prioritizing energy sources, conversion technologies and energy savings efforts.