Energy scenarios for Vietnam

Balmorel: Power system model | June 2018 - September 2019

The use of electricity is increasing rapidly in Vietnam – and the supply is today primarily based on coal. In a number of projects, energy scenarios for Vietnam are analysed, for instance where the focus is on wind and solar power. By using the Balmorel model, the ability of the electric system to absorb great amounts of varying types of electricity production is analysed.

As input to the analyses, fuel cost prognoses for the country is developed, as well as a detailed Technology Catalogue with analyses of key parameters for relevant electrical production technologies, such as coal and natural gas plants, and wind and sun.

Training in the use of Balmorel has been carried out for both analysts and operators.

Analyses of all sectors are carried out by the use of the model TIMES.

The projects are carried out as a part of the Danish-Vietnamese energy cooperation. It is done in collaboration with Electricity and Renewable Energy Agency in Vietnam, EREA, Danish Energy Agency, Institute of Energy, Vietnam, and DTU.