Climate plan for Holbæk Municipality

Denmark | May 2021 - January 2023

Along with 45 other municipalities, Holbæk Municipality has taken part in the second phase of the DK2020 project. With DK2020 the municipalities commit to develop and implement climate action plans that live up to the Paris Agreement, and to be climate neutral within their own geographical area by 2050 at the latest.

Ea Energy Analyses supported Holbæk Municipality in the development of their climate strategy Holbæk 2050, and in ensuring it lives up to the demands and expectations of DK2020.

As a part of that work, Ea carried out scenario analyses, assessment of the effect of various actions, analyses of actions and options with the so-called scope 3, which has to do with greenhouse gas emissions following from goods and services produced within the municipality, and further analyses of the agricultural area.

Three scenarios were created to give an overview of the possible room for actions and at the same time assessing the effect of various efforts:

  1. A reference scenario, which had expected developments set at a national level as its starting point, for instance phasing out natural gas burners and subsidies on vehicles,
  2. An action scenario showing the effects of the actions taken by the municipality, for instance as a part of their strategic energy plan
  3. A target scenario, which has a its starting point a number of potential actions and efforts enabling Holbæk Municipality to reach the targets for reductions.

The Municipal Council in Holbæk approved the climate strategy Holbæk 2050 in October 2022. It can be found here (in Danish).