The role of interns at Ea

As for interns, their universities have expectations to the intern’s position. This means the employment in Ea has to conform to the university rules. The idea of the internship is for the student to use the knowledge he or she has learned at the university and to put it into practice.

Work experience

In this way, the student gets work experience in his or her field of study and it might help the student to define a certain interest in a particular topic in the energy sector. Furthermore, it enables the student to create a network of contacts, while gaining school credits.

An integrated part of the company

Interns are an integrated part of the company, usually working full time although for a shorter period of time (1-4 semesters). Their work is project-oriented, and usually the student is connected to only one project. The role of the student in this project should be clearly defined and discussed during the course of the project. The contact person will usually be working on the same project and will be guiding the intern. Interns require evaluation of the job done both during the elaboration of the project and at the end of the internship.

Possibilities of future cooperation

As for student assistants, Ea would like to have a meeting with the intern before graduation to discuss future cooperation and to evaluate different job opportunities together with the student. In some cases this might be some time after the termination of the internship.