Indian offshore technology catalogue

…reductions. As part of this, a cooperation with India focuses on options for offshore wind in India. Ea Energy Analyses has contributed with authoring an offshore wind technology catalogue, giving…

27. January 2021

Power system aspects of India

…informed dialogue with the Indian partners. The work included characteristics of the Indian power system and potentials and challenges of large-scale RES integration; an overview of energy planning, policy implementation,…

4. February 2020

Consultant support for Indian energy modelling

India has experienced a significant economic growth in recent decades which influences the country’s electricity demand. This has grown by more than 6% per year for the last decade and…

9. June 2021

Energy Country Programs and Projects, ECPP

…reduction, with the aim to build capacity with the partner countries China, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, USA, and Vietnam. To this purpose, the Danish Energy Agency has…

4. February 2020

Chinese schemes for energy efficiency and carbon reductions

…were drawn from analysis of policies in UK, Italy, California, India and higher level assessment of policy at EU level. It also presented preliminary recommendations for policy approaches in China….

4. February 2020

Danida Balmorel course 2019

Ea Energy Analyses delivered a four-week course on the Balmorel model, together with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), to 27 participants coming from Indonesia and India. In the course,…

13. May 2020

Power transmission system planning for variable renewable energy

An action plan for the Indo-Danish Energy Partnership Programme (INDEP) has been developed in close collaboration with Indian institutions (like CEA, POSOCO, CERC) under the Ministry of Power. On this…

26. May 2021