Power transmission system planning for variable renewable energy

India | January 2021 - October 2021

An action plan for the Indo-Danish Energy Partnership Programme (INDEP) has been developed in close collaboration with Indian institutions (like CEA, POSOCO, CERC) under the Ministry of Power. On this background, the main aim of this project is towards implementation of part of the activities of the action plan for Output 3.2 (enhanced flexibility of the Indian power system for integration of RE).

Integration of variable energy production from renewables creates a need for increasingly flexible power systems. To address this issue, this output will support the enhancement of transmission planning in India.

The increasing share of variable renewable energy will be a challenge for the overall power system, including the transmission system at the operational as well the planning levels. The Danish TSO Energinet, EA Energy Analyses, and Danish Energy Agency (DEA), are working towards sharing knowledge and experiences with Indian institutions such as CEA and PowerGrid, regarding integration of high shares of variable renewable energy in the transmission system and enhancing the transmission planning approach.

The objective of the assigned task is to enhance the internal and cross-border approach to power transmission system planning, through benchmarking and evaluation of planning methodologies, techniques, and practices. The resulting consideration can be then applied to assess projects related to transmission system expansion in a transparent process, based on robust technical and economic indicators, as well as meeting important criteria such as reliability, affordability, and sustainability.

The project runs from January to October 2021.