New biomass-fired cogeneration plant on Amager

Denmark | May 2012 - August 2013

In 2010-2011 Københavns Energi (KE) (now HOFOR) conducted the first phase of an analysis investigating the possibility of establishing a new effective biomass-fired power plant on Amager. The analysis concluded that the economy in establishing a wood chips-fired power plant with high efficiency and high flexibility is good.
It was decided to proceed with analysing a 150 MW thermal grate-fired plant, and a 450 MW thermal CFB plant, which corresponds to approx. 120 and 335 MW heat production. Based on the capacity needs in the district heating system and the overall economy, the final size of the plant was to be determined later.

KE launched phase two of the analysis project. The project aims include:

  • To further examine the technical optimis ation and the optimal size of the plant
  • To examine how to ensure the supply of sustainable wood chips
  • To go more in detail with the regulatory and environmental requirements for a closed wood chips storage facility
  • To further examine how KE should handle ownership and operation of the plant. The possibilities range from KE owning and operating the plant themselves, to KE tendering for a heat contract with requirements regarding technology, environment and economy.

 KE was planning for the cogeneration unit to be in operation by January 2021. Rambøll and Ea Energy Analyses were consultants on the project. A final decision on the plant investment was taken in 2016 .

Ea Energy Analyses contributed with an analysis of how to ensure supply of sustainable wood chips, and a mapping of regulatory requirements. Ea was also responsible for the overall economic calculations of the plant’s profitability and its influence on heating prices.