Strategic energy plan – Frederiksberg

Denmark | December 2012 - August 2013

The Frederiksberg Municipality has set a target of reducing CO2 emissions in 2020 by 35 % compared to 2005, and to contribute to Denmark’s goal of independence from fossil fuels in 2050. Ea Energy Analyses assisted Frederiksberg Municipality in a project to analyse plausible scenarios for the future and identify possibly options for action.

The purpose was to define strategic targets for consumption reduction and increased use of renewable energy in the period towards 2050. The project led to a strategic energy plan containing:

  • Overall objectives and generic direction for energy consumption and production toward 2050.
  • Guidelines for several actions and investments in medium-term (-> 2030), which Frederiksberg Municipality will be developing in the coming years to ensure consistency between short- and long-term actions.
  • Short-term actions (->2020) that will enable Frederiksberg Municipality to reach its current target for 2020.