Analysis of surplus production in Ilulissat

Arctic Region | August 2017 - January 2018

Since the inauguration of the hydro power plant Paakitsoq at Ilulissat in 2012, it has become apparent that the potential for production from the plant is higher than expected. This in part due to the ongoing climate changes, which means that one of the lakes supplying the plant has grown during the past five years.

Today, the electricity consumption of Ilulissat is approximately 70.000 MWh, whereas the production potential of the plant has been estimated to around 100.000 MWh by Landsvirkjun. Thus, there is a production surplus of roughly 30.000 MWh per year, which can be used without a notable raise in production costs.

Ea Energy Analyses examined the various options for using the production surplus, to maximize the value for the Greenlandic society. This included pointing out potential barriers for the most appropriate use of the production surplus.

The project took place from August 2017 to January 2018.