Introduction to the Balmorel model for analysts

Balmorel: Power system model | January 2019 - January 2019

Ea Energy Analyses organised a five-day course on the power system model Balmorel with a focus on energy planning and analysis of the power sector in developing countries. The course was tailored for 11 advisors from the Global Cooperation department at the Danish Energy Agency, supporting countries like China, Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam.

The course introduced the participants to the fundamentals of power system modelling with the Balmorel model, including an understanding of the limitations of the model and potential links to other energy models. The participants got to know the structure of Balmorel, and how to operate the model to perform analysis, with a focus on understanding data input format and relevant results and outputs.

The course combined presentations from lecturers with interactive exercises and group work, and had a considerable hands-on component, to ensure deep understanding of the different aspects of the model.

The project was carried out for the Danish Energy Agency, with the course taking place in January 2019.