Review of Danish-Chinese wind energy development programme

China | January 2009 - January 2009

In 2005 Chinese-Danish cooperation within the energy sector led to the launch of the Wind Energy Development (WED) Programme. Implementation of the programme started in April 2006 and was initially scheduled to have a duration of three years (although this has since been extended). The programme had an overall budget of DKK 45 million, with the Chinese ‘in kind’ contribution estimated at RMB 27 million. 

Four components

The programme was carried out via four separate components: Wind Resource Assessment, Wind Energy Planning, Grid Integration and Training. 

Kaare Sandholt and Christian Bang from Ea Energy Analyses formed part of the five-person team tasked with undertaking a review of the programme, presenting its initial findings at the WED Programme Steering Committee on 19 March 2009, and summarising their findings and recommendations in the form of a Review Aide-Memoire that was delivered to the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing on 24 March 2009.