INTEGRATE 2 – Analysis of pit thermal storage

Denmark | January 2021 - December 2023

The EUPD-project INTEGRATE 2 investigates solutions for long term thermal storage that can be integrated into all kinds of existing district heating and cooling systems. The storages will be developed to work as storage for excess heat, for power to heat, as storage for solar thermal, as cold storage for district cooling, and for optimisation of combined heat and power production.

The project development takes place in two cases in Copenhagen and Hjørring/Hirtshals (in northern Jutland), where pit thermal storages are developed. In Copenhagen the value of integrating the storage in the local heat and electricity system is explored, and in Hjørring/Hirtshals the value of integrating the storage in an industrial area is explored.

In the project focus is also on development of methodologies for actively involving stakeholders and consumers in planning and implementation of large thermal storages, development of more precise modelling software for optimised integration of thermal storages in district heating and for the regulation of electricity production and for the regulation of electricity production, and development of technical solutions for pit heat storages, making it possible to use them in all kinds of district heating systems.

The project runs from January 2021 to the end of 2023.