Business case for biomass-fired CHP plant

Denmark | September 2010 - April 2011

In the autumn of 2010, Copenhagen Energy (now HOFOR) initiated an analysis of the possibilities of establishing a CHP plant to replace heat production from old heat production units that are to be scrapped.

In order to fulfil the City of Copenhagen’s vision of being carbon-neutral by 2025, the only solutions investigated were purely biomass-fired plants.

The analysis was carried out by Københavns Energi, Ea Energy Analyses and Ramboll in cooperation.

Various technologies and fuels were compared with regard to economy, technical advantages/limitations, environmental impact, resources and risks. One of the tools utilised was heat balance calculations for the individual plant types, as well as system calculations carried out for the district heating system in the Greater Copenhagen area.

The work concluded with a business case in which two technologies were recommended for further investigation.