Heat storage in Nordhavn

Balmorel: Power system model | December 2010 - April 2011

In cooperation with Copenhagen Energy (now HOFOR), COWI and Ea Energy Analyses have investigated the value of establishing a large heat storage in the northern part of Copenhagen port, Nordhavn.

The purpose of the analysis was to investigate the utility of the storage in its interaction with the CHP system of the Greater Copenhagen area in the short and long term. The project clarified which elements create the utility value of the storage and how the utility value would be affected by changes in the framework conditions in the long term. As an example, the impact of increasing amounts of wind power in the surrounding energy system was examined as well as the effect of geothermal energy and solar power in the CHP system of the Greater Copenhagen area.

The analysis was carried out using the modelling tool Balmorel, which contains a detailed description of the district heating system in Copenhagen.