Analysis of new waste treatment plant in Hjørring, northern Jutland

Denmark | February 2011 - May 2011

The waste treatment company, AVV, that handles waste from the municipalities of Hjørring and Brønderslev (northern Jutland) is planning to establish new waste combustion capacity to replace existing facilities. Ea Energy Analyses has investigated the advantages and drawbacks of various future waste treatment solutions.

Existing capacity sufficient so far

The analysis shows that in the medium term, sufficient alternative treatment capacity is available in the region. In the long term, the most cost-effective solution will be to establish a single large common waste treatment plant in the northern part of Vendsyssel that covers the three municipalities of Hjørring, Brønderslev and Frederikshavn and supplies Frederikshavn and Hjørring with heat through a new heat transmission line.

Combined strategy for waste and heat

It is therefore recommended that the decision to establish a new treatment facility in Hjørring should be put on hold for e.g. two years – and that negotiations should be initiated between waste treatment companies and heat companies in the whole region in order to define a combined strategy for waste and expansion of heat transmission.