Electric taxis

Denmark | May 2011 - March 2012

In this preliminary appraisal, a fleet project involving the purchase and demonstration of 30 electric taxis was prepared for the Danish taxi company “4×35”. As part of the preliminary project, existing experience with electric taxis and other electric fleet vehicles were investigated, and barriers and opportunities for the use of electric vehicles in the taxi industry were examined.

Requirements for electric cars used as taxis were identified, and various electric vehicle technologies were compared in order to select technologies for the demonstration project. Furthermore, the taxis’ driving patterns were analysed, and a model for the economy of the taxi owners in the demonstration period was made.

The project was initiated by the Danish taxi company “4×35”. Other participants in the project were the Danish Technological Institute and Ea Energy Analyses. The preliminary appraisal was supported by the electric vehicle pilot scheme under the Danish Energy Agency.

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