Blueprint for an energy strategy for Gladsaxe Municipality

Denmark | September 2011 - December 2011

Ea Energy Analysis has prepared a blueprint for an energy strategy for Gladsaxe Municipality.
The aim was to analyse the energy flows in Gladsaxe, in order to identify opportunities for energy savings and for establishing new energy plants locally. As a starting point for the analysis, an energy balance based on the CO2 accounts of the municipality was set up.

Three development scenarios for 2050

To shed light on various energy futures, three development scenarios have been developed: a baseline scenario, an energy saving scenario and a combined energy saving and renewable energy scenario. The time frame for the scenarios stretch from today through to 2050, with a staging point in 2025. Within this frame, an economic analysis of selected measures that can help reduce energy consumption or increase the use of renewable energy in the municipality has been carried out.