Alternatives to oil burners

| February 2012 - March 2012

In its paper “Our Energy” from November 2011, the Danish government proposed that all oil boilers should be phased out from the heat supply by 2030, partly by putting a stop to the installation of boilers in existing buildings from 2015.

Two main barriers

In connection with the subsequent energy negotiations, it was questioned whether a ban on oil burners is realistic and reasonable. Two main barriers were mentioned:

  • Many house owners with oil burners cannot obtain financing for a new heat supply.
  • There are few alternatives to oil burners, and the alternatives are not economically viable.

Against this background, TEKNIQ, the Danish Mechanical and Electrical Contractors’ Association, requested Ea Energy Analyses to conduct an analysis that examines alternative heating systems for houses with oil burners and evaluates the economy of these. Various options for financing of new heating systems are also discussed.