Operational Strategy for Køge CHP

Denmark | May 2012 - June 2012

VEKS has taken over Køge CHP Plant from DONG Energy per 1st of May 2012. The plant consists of two units, KKV7 and KKV8. KKV7 has been out of operation for 3 years. KKV8 runs continuously and provides process steam for the nearby manufacturer og solid hardwood floors, Junckers, and produces electricity for the electricity market.

In May 2013 the power plant is planned to start delivering district heating to Køge and in 2014 to be connected to the CHP system in the Greater Copenhagen area.

In connection with VEKS’s acquisition of Køge CHP Plant, Ea Energy Analyses assisted with an assessment of the operational strategy for the plant and a description of the current opportunities and risks in the electricity market. The work has included the following elements:

  • Assessment of Køge CHP Plant’s current operating strategy.
  • Description of the bidding options in the Nordic power market and recommendations for a bidding strategy.
  • Description of other opportunities for trade in the electricity market and the potential benefits and costs for Køge CHP.
  • Assessment of costs induced by imbalances in the electricity market for Køge CHP Plant.
  • Brief description of the opportunities and challenges of operating in the electricity market when KKV7 is back in operation and the plant is connected to the district heating network.

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