The future website for comparison of electricity prices

Denmark | January 2013 - March 2013

A good website for electricity price comparison can be one of several instruments to encourage a more efficient retail market. It will give the interested consumer the possibility to make a choice between type of product, price, environmental conditions and supplier based on knowledge.

Regulation of electricity supply

The Energy Agreement of March 2012 stipulates that the regulation in the Danish sector of electricity supply need a thorough overhaul. In response, the Government has set up a committee of electricity regulation (“Reguleringsudvalget”) with the participation of stakeholders and a number of experts to carry out the inspection.

The committee are investigating whether the competition and the market structure at the retail market are satisfactory, and whether the consumers’ access to electricity at competitive prices are guaranteed. The committee is also going to examine the protection of the consumer and the ability to act at the liberalized market. The committee will complete its work in 2014.

Price comparison site for electricity

Ea Energy Analyses has conducted an analysis for the committee, which includes current changes of the electricity market relevant to the design of the price comparison site.

The analysis contains a review of a number of possible improvements that could be incorporated in the new site, as well as a review of the possibilities for the organization and operation of the price comparison site.

The analysis is based on interviews in groups of consumers, interviews of Danish and foreign actors, a study of foreign price comparison sites and testing of simple strategies of buying. The analysis is conducted from the consumers’ point of view.

The objective was to create a foundation for the committee to provide recommendations for the design and organization of the future website for comparison of electricity prices.