Calculating energy use of private consumers

Denmark | October 2013 - December 2013

Ea Energy Analyses has developed a database driven method for calculating the energy use of private consumers on behalf of the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs. The calculations is based on the records of the BBR registry.

This data has previously been available for the ministry but detailed statistics have not been accessible since records of the BBR registry spans over long incongruent periods. In addition, the data volume is so big that it can’t be processed and analysed in spreadsheets.

Municipal authorities can receive these statistics at request, and the developed calculation method is a contributing part of the CO2 calculator distributed by the Danish Natural Environment Portal.

Data from the BBR registry is broken down into types of energy supply, geography, and consumer categories. Heating degree days is supplied by DMI, which tells how cold or warm it is, and thus how much energy is used for heating.

The reported consumption has been accrued in order to estimate monthly consumption based on heating degree days by region. Thereby, making season and geography the basis for the calculated energy consumption.

The method was developed from mid-October until the end of December 2013.