Analysis for Commercialisation of Hydrogen Technologies

Power-to-X | January 2014 - June 2016

Ea Energy Analyses participated in the project Analysis for Commercialisation of Hydrogen Technologies. The Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells led the project and EUPD supported it.

The purpose of the project was to analyse the demand for further development of hydrogen technologies and to examine how hydrogen technologies can play a part in the future Danish energy system. Critical technological and economic bottlenecks for hydrogen technologies were identified and assessed together with framework conditions and barriers.

The project was divided into four work packages:

  1. Collecting data
  2. Model Development
  3. Development of scenarios and modeling
  4. Identification of technical and economic bottlenecks and potential solutions

Ea Energy Analyses was responsible for work package 1, including the development and presentation of data template, selection of key technologies, generation of data for hydrogen technologies and other key technologies, and quality assurance and validation of data. The objective of WP1 was to develop a quality-assured technology catalog for hydrogen technologies, to be used, for instance, in the other work packages.