Sourcing of wood chips to Amager Bio4

Denmark | June 2014 - December 2014

HOFOR (in English, Greater Copenhagen Utility) will be commissioning a new block at its Amager power plant, Amagerværket block 4, which will use sustainable wood chips in a CFB (circulating fluidised bed) boiler. With a nominal fuel input of 500 MW, and production of 150 MW electricity and 400 MJ/s heat, or 550 MJ/s heat in turbine by-pass mode, the anticipated annual fuel consumption will be roughly 1.2 million tonnes of wood chips.

Building on work undertaken for HOFOR during an earlier project phase, Ea Energy Analyses assisted HOFOR in investigating a number of issues related to the sourcing of 1.2 million tonnes of wood chips annually. This included meeting with potential suppliers, visiting forests in a number of potential souring regions and countries, undertaking an analysis of the market for wood chips, discussing potential sourcing strategies and contract forms, and outlining sustainability issues related to the use of wood chips.

Deliverables included a report outlining the analysis findings, and tailor-made models related to wood chip pricing, transport, and sustainability.