Analyses of regional district heating system development

Balmorel: Power system model | December 2014 - December 2015

Many municipalities in Region Zealand and The Capital Region of Denmark work with strategic energy planning and since the energy systems in the municipalities are closely related, there is a strong need for coordination. Therefore, a number of district heating companies in the region teamed up to conduct an analysis of the development of the district heating systems towards 2035.

The purpose of the project was to carry out an analysis of the expansion of the district heating systems with new heat production units and new heat transmission lines with the particular focus on identifying potential cooperation projects for the district heating companies. Moreover, it was an important part of the project to establish a dialogue forum for joint discussions of the challenges of developing the district heating supply in the region.

With input from the district heating companies, Ea Energy Analyses drew up a set of data for the regional analyses and a calculation model in the model tool Balmorel was set up.

31 companies participated in the analysis and the steering committee consisted of CTR, Vestforbrænding, Hillerød Forsyning, VEKS, HOFOR, Farum Fjernvarme, Høje Taastrup Fjernvarme, Nordforbrænding, Frederiksberg Forsyning and Forsyning Helsingør. Ea Energy Analyses was responsible for the energy system analyses in the project.