Heating storage facility in Høje Taastrup

Denmark | March 2015 - October 2015

Heat Plan Greater Copenhagen 3 showed that an increase in the heating storage capacity would be both technically and economically sound. Presently, the district heating system of the Greater Copenhagen area only has storage capacity for 1-2 hours’ heat supply. This is to be compared with many decentralized district heating systems, that have storage capacity for 8-12 hours.

The ”Høje Taastrup Going Green” project looked at the potential for establishing a large heat storage facility of the pond-type and Ea Energy Analyses analysed the plans for building a heat storage in the abandoned gravel pit Kallerup.

The purpose of the analyse was to conclude whether the heating storage would work as either a short term- or a long term storage, and to quantify the economic consequences of establishing the storage facility, both in relation to the overall system and the individual stakeholders.

The conclusion was that the project is economically sound, both as a short term and a long term storage. However, it might be better economically to use an alternative location for the heat storage.

Ea Energy Analyses carried out the analyses for Vestegnens Kraftvarmeselskab (VEKS).