LED calculator for small and medium sized retail businesses

Denmark | July 2015 - September 2015

As part of the Growth Agreement of July 14th, 2014, the Danish Climate, Energy and Building Ministry created an Energy Savings Secretariat, under the Danish Energy Agency. The task of the Secretariat is to supplement other energy efficiency initiatives targeting the private business sector. 

One of the focus areas of the Energy Savings Secretariat the first year has been lighting in the retail sector. Lighting in the retail sector still holds a significant energy savings potential, and earlier investigations had revealed that several of the stakeholders are looking for a neutral and trustworthy calculator for the decision-making process relating to replacement of light sources. 

The work carried out by Ea Energy Analyses in cooperation with Energy Piano and IT Energy consisted of:

  1. Identification of the need for a simple calculator among potential users, that are involved in lighting choices within the retail businesses
  2. Design and test of a prototype calculator, that can calculate the energy and monetary savings from replacing existing light sources with LED lamps
  3. Assessment of whether the calculator can be used as part of the standard methods used by the energy companies in the energy efficiency obligation by replacement of light sources in the retail sector.

The investigation also included a review of existing internet based or app based tools in Denmark and globally that address lighting.