Energy modelling in Indonesia

Balmorel: Power system model | May 2016 - December 2016

Indonesia is working to develop and strengthen the current system of energy modeling in preparation of scenario analysis for 2050 with the aim of achieving a cost-effective breakthrough of renewable energy sources in the Indonesian energy system.

Ea Energy Analyses has delivered expert knowledge in modelling power systems through the use of the Balmorel and BalmorelLite models. The project was carried out in close cooperation with the DEA and the Indonesian national energy council (the National Energy Council – NEC) and aimed to develop skills for energy modelling in the Indonesian administration.

The project was initiated with a workshop in Jakarta, followed by contributions to the 2016 Energy Outlook for Indonesia and will be finalized with the necessary preparations for long-term scenario analysis.

Workshop in Jakarta

A modelling seminar was held in Jakarta from May 25.-31., where Ea Energy Analyses presented insights of the Balmorel model, relevant case studies, methodology, data requirements, collection, use etc.

Development of a modelling team

Ea Energy Analyses worked closely with the data team of the National Energy Council (NEC) to develop the skills to perform electricity sector analysis and scenarios, by using Balmorel as an integral part of energy planning. The primary focus was to integrate fluctuating renewable energy in the power system and predict future demand and resources.

Preparation of scenario analysis for 2050

In collaboration with NEC, the DEA, the Indonesian partners and other relevant stakeholders, the project was completed with a draft long-term scenario analysis through to 2050, with the focus of providing descriptions and analysis of the electricity sector and fluctuating energy sources. This was presented at a workshop in January 2017.

Consultant, Mr. Bjarne Bach, from Ea Energy Analyses was stationed in Jakarta from August to December 2016, where he provided training of NEC staff in Balmorel modelling and analysis.