The future of gas in Denmark

Denmark | July 2017 - November 2017

Since the beginning of the noughties, the usage of gas in Denmark has been rapidly declining. The future gas usage is under pressure from lower prices on sun and wind energy and the vision of a green energy system, where electricity is the dominant carrier of energy in both heating and transport.

At the same time, Denmark has invested in a gas system, which is in good shape and is expected to be usable until 2050 or longer without making great reinvestments. The question is where gas will have the biggest impact for the future energy system, as well as the best way for gas to become a part of the green agenda.

In this project, Ea Energy Analyses carried out a summary analysis of the role of gas in the future energy system. The purpose of the analysis was

  • To show where – within which niches – gas can have a particularly high value in the future energy system
  • To explore if current and expected future regulations are in the way of an optimal economic use of the gas net and gas as an energy carrier.

The project ran from July to November 2017.