Strategic Energy Planning for Southern Jutland and South-West Jutland

Denmark | September 2017 - June 2018

The transition to a fossil-free energy system by 2050 will require huge investments. Although the overall direction is clear, there is uncertainty as to how the conversion to a low-emission society should take place. Should heating, transport and industry be electrified or will a fuel shift from fossil energy to biomass in practice be the most important instrument? In collaboration with PlanEnergi, Ea Energy Analysis analysed future scenarios for the electricity and district heating systems in the municipalities of Southern Jutland and Southwest Jutland.

The purpose of the analysis was to identify robust solutions for future electricity and district heating systems and give recommendations on investments and initiatives that district heating companies and municipalities could undertake. For this purpose, Ea Energy Analyses modelled the district heating supply in the region based on different scenarios for the future framework conditions in the form of energy taxes, subsidies and fuel prices. In addition, a separate analysis was made of the possibilities for utilizing surplus heat from planned data centers in Kassø via a regional heat transmission network.

The project’s results are regularly discussed at a number of workshops with stakeholders in the region.

The project was carried out from September 2017 to March 2018.