Capacity Building to improve Energy Efficiency in Power Plants in Indonesia

Energy end use, efficiency and demand response | November 2017 - November 2018

Indonesia and Denmark are cooperating through an Environmental Support Programme, with the objective to support the Government of Indonesia in reconciling economic growth with sustainable development through improved environmental management and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Working in partnership with Danida, Ea Energy Analyses carried out a project with the following objectives

  • To identify low-hanging energy efficiency (EE) and flexibility opportunities for Power Plants (PP).
  • To assess the capacity needs of PLN (PP operator) in order to ensure efficient PP operation and to strengthen the capacity of the Directorate General of Electricity (DGE) in monitoring the EE levels of PPs.
  • To suggest improvements of legislation that will increase EE in PPs.

Regarding low-hanging EE and flexibility opportunities, Ea found that much is already being done with good skills, recommended that control systems were improved and that the focus on performance measurements and condition-based maintenance was increased.

As to the capacity needs assessment of PLN, Ea recommended that the use of Business Case and dispatch methodologies were enhanced, and that local EE-teams and company-wide EE-audit teams/performance teams were appointed.

To strengthen the capacity of DGE, Ea recommended that DGE, to some extent, joined the EE-audit teams, regulated the dispatch methodology and that EE goals in the power sector were incorporated in the energy legislation.

The project took place from November 2017 to November 2018.