Flue gas condensation at Køge CHP

Denmark | June 2018 - December 2019

Køge CHP (KKV) consists of two wood chip fired blocks, KKV7 and KKV8, where KKV7 was put into operation in 1987, and KKV8 in 1999. The plant was originally established by Junckers Industrier to deliver process steam to the production of wooden floors, but it is today owned by the district heating company VEKS. KKV started to deliver district heating to the VEKS network at the end of 2013.

VEKS carried out a strategy project for KKV in 2017, which recommended, amongst other things, that a business case for establishing flue gas condensation at KKV8 should be carried out to optimise the plant and prepare it for future years. VEKS therefore started a project in 2018 to further develop the flue gas condensation project with the intention of making an investment decision in 2019. COWI was in charge of the technical design in the project, while Ea Energy Analyses was responsible for the economic analyses.