Case stories on power system flexibility

China | June 2018 - September 2018

Due to the fast increase of variable renewable energy (VRE) in power systems, rising challenges on system flexibility are currently witnessed all over the world. China, with the largest variable renewable energy capacity in the world, is under huge pressure to accommodate this large amount of intermittent generation. At the same time, China is also going through a new round of power market reforms, which are needed to facilitate and incentivise a more flexible system.

The Danish Energy Agency co-operates with China on introducing measures for more flexibility in the power system. In 2018 Ea Energy Analyses helped the DEA with preparing a report describing real-life examples of different sources and measures that enhance the flexibility of the system. The focus of Ea’s work was to make a thorough description of three cases:

  • Intraday market coupling: The examples of Elbas/Xbid
  • Flexible dispatch/utilization of hydro power with reservoir (case study Norway and Sweden)
  • Industrial demand response (case study from Finland)

The project was carried out from June to September 2019.