Accelerated phase-out of gas for space heating

Denmark | April 2022 - August 2022

Ea Energy Analyses has carried out an analysis of how an accelerated phase-out of gas for space heating can happen.

A change to district heating or individual heat pumps are considered the primary solutions to replace gas for space heating. However, interviews done in relation to the analysis show that there are considerable bottlenecks in establishing heat pumps and rolling out district heating, and the analysis report therefore contains a number of recommendations for how to handle these. Amongst other things, Ea suggests a simple Fast Track treatment of district heating projects, where the socio-economic analyses are suspended for four years.

The report “Fremskyndet udfasning af gas til rumvarme” (in Danish) can be downloaded by using the link on this page.

The analysis was carried out for Rådet for Grøn Omstilling. Based on the analysis, they have proposed 12 action points to free Denmark from Russian oil and gas. Read more about this on their website.