Balmorel application and training for Egyptian participants

Balmorel: Power system model | August 2021 - December 2021

The governments of Denmark and Egypt are working together with the objective of accelerating the green transition in Egypt through exchanging experiences in energy system planning and operational integration of variable renewable energy (VRE). 

One of the aims is an increased capability in power sector planning for VRE. By building capacity and providing the involved Egyptian institutions with the tools and methodologies to optimise the management of renewable energy in the power system, the enabling environment for the energy transition is established, leading ultimately to a large RE-share in the energy mix.

The objective of this assignment was to train local government authorities and regulators in using the power system model Balmorel. The training took place at a workshop held twice in Cairo in September 2021. The workshop was first done with participation from regulator EgyptERA and secondly with participation from government authorities MoERE, EETC, EEHC, and NREA.

The workshop covered a demonstration of the model and its relevance for Egyptian partners. This included runs of a few selected scenarios, which were done with existing data for Egypt, Libya, and Sudan (from the 2021 EAPP Power Balance Statement).

A summary of the workshops, results from the scenario runs, and possible next steps concluded the project, which ran from August to December 2021.